Welcome! We’re thrilled you’re coming to MAPS. Whether it’s your first time or your 25th time, please be familiar with the info on this page, as it’s how we ensure a great experience for everyone.

Parking Sketch.png


Please park only in the two spaces directly in front of Suite E, or at the end of the building.

MAPS Fullerton is located at 2454 Fender Ave., Ste E, right off the 57 and 91 freeways. Directions from The Google are here…or use your preferred nav. But be forewarned: sometimes the little AI bots think they’re funny and send you driving around the buildings on block. Don’t fall for their shenanigans. Just pull in the driveway you see here off Fender Ave., and we’re down on the right.

Please do not park directly in front of our building (2454 Fender). You may park in the following areas:

In front of 2466 Fender, on the side facing us (right across the alleyway);

At the end of our building (by the train tracks)

On Fender Avenue, but ONLY where permitted by signage.

Please note overnight parking is prohibited. The City of Fullerton does not allow parking in our area from 2am-5am. If you plan to drink tonight, please make ride arrangements to and from the party.

Please note that due to city ordinance, there is no parking anywhere near the studio from 2am-5am. If you have a 24-hour block scheduled, please discuss special parking arrangements with your producer.


Attention to where you park is more important here than at most places. This complex doesn’t have enough parking for all the businesses, and some of our neighbors get sore if we park in their spots.


Please arrive at your designated session time to begin load-in, as earlier will disrupt another session in progress.

SMoking, alcohol, and drug use

- Smoking of any kind is not permitted within the studio premises. Any smoking must be done outside of the building.

- Alcohol is permitted within the studio to those of legal age. No underage drinking is allowed.

- No illegal drug use is allowed within the studio.

- All clients and guests must abide by all applicable laws. This includes no mating of animals because we’re within 1,500 ft of a saloon. (That’s a real law…look it up.)

  • If you bring guests,



Watch out for other charges, and make sure to tip.